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Pediatric Dentist

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Good Oral Healthcare

Do you know when you should take your child to the dentist? There’s some debate about when it’s the right time, but most dental professionals recommend you bring your child to the dentist for the first time when he or she gets their first tooth.

Even if you did not do that, however, it’s never too late to make an appointment with Wilson Dental to let your child get to know the dentist and learn the importance of good oral health care. They are young enough that developing good oral healthcare habits is easy, and it helps them carry those habits throughout their lives.

Benefits of Pediatric Oral Healthcare

Wilson Dental is well-versed in pediatric dentistry, which is the process of caring for the teeth of children. Teaching kids the importance of good oral health care at a young age makes them more likely to apply those teachings to their everyday lives. Good oral health care starts the moment your child has their first tooth. It should be brushed and cleaned daily, and your child needs to learn how to care for their own teeth on their own.

Bringing your child to the dentist on or before their first birthday offers many benefits. While there might not be many teeth in yet, it’s helpful to acclimate your child to the dentist as early as possible. Getting to know the dentist and learning what to expect at each appointment helps your child become more comfortable. Early appointments don’t require much work, but it does help foster a positive view of the dentist for small children as well as teach them the importance of good oral health care.

Pediatric oral healthcare in Syracuse, ny

What to Expect

Depending on the age of your child, you can expect a few things. If you are bringing a child who is around the age of one, you can expect the dentist to check the teeth they have, and then to play with your child, have some fun, and let the child explore the tools and office. This is how your dental professional makes your child feel comfortable.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than kids who take care of their own teeth and love visiting the dentist, which is what the team at Wilson Dental wants to foster. Contact Wilson Dental now to schedule your child’s next appointment, and rest assured your child will leave the office feeling welcome, happy, and comfortable.


As your child gets older, your dentist will want to routinely schedule the following:

  • Cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Fluoride treatments

These are all common practices as your child gets older and visits the dentist twice a year. Of course, your dentist will also talk to kids who are old enough about the importance of brushing regularly, flossing, and the dentist will give your child a cool new toothbrush and toothpaste and floss to help get them started on their journey.


Prizes are, in fact, one of the best parts of the process for kids. Don’t expect your kids to get sweets while in the office, but they will get some cool new stickers and little toys to thank them for their great behavior and their fun appointment.